A Cliffsnotes on My Life

Me 1.0: I am a 21 year old student attending Georgia Tech where I major in Computer Science with a concentration in Information Internetworks and Media. I was raised in the Chicago suburb of Schaumburg and spent my childhood eating real American pizza. A few of my hobbies include: reading things with words (my favorite book, this website), listening to podcasts (my favorite), geeking over new technology, petting random dogs, and all types of visual art (Instagram).

Me 2.0 (beta): I am passionate about design. After graduating from college I want to own a design studio and do visual branding for companies. I study computer science because I find it to be a hybrid form of art. I use logic to figure out a solution to a problem and I use creativity to choose the best way to implement a solution. I wrote an article discussing why creativity is critical to success as a software developer which made it to the front page of Hacker News and was reposted by various technical blogs and sites.

Photo took during the Drum Circle festival in Miami, Florida.

Technical Skills and Projects

My past experience includes running a tutoring company, doing cloud engineering work for Ultimate Software, and website development for The Home Depot. Currently, I am looking for a fullstack development internship for Fall 2018 and I am working for Pivotal Software this summer.

A few of my technical projects


Developed a Game Boy game in C where Buzz must cross a busy street while avoiding enemies. To hack a timer for the game, I counted the average number of frames the Game Boy makes in a second.

Mauled By

Developed a website to raise money for the ACLU that generates gifs with an image uploaded by the user. Software used to build this includes Node, Python, and OpenCV.


Developed a Facebook Messenger bot that allows a user to discover new poetry. Used NodeJS and Python to build this and hosted it on Heroku.

Audio AD

Developed a Unity application as a proof of concept for an audio centric software and hardware suite to help filmmakers focus on their work without having to micromanage their crew.

City Data

JavaFX application that helps city officials keep track of water data in their cities and write up reports on them. The data is stored on a MySQL database.

iTrans Research

Implemented machine learning algorithms in a Python application to better predict bus arrival and departure times based on data captured in a live MySQL database for Georgia Tech's busing system.

To see the code for these projects, checkout my GitHub.

Visual Skills

I currently work as a visual artist at a creative agency called Chil Creative, I do freelance work for an Atlanta based artist brand called Fourofour.co, and I do content creation for Georgia Tech's social media team. Here are some of my photos. To see more of my work, checkout my Instagram.

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